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SOCIAL and PPC Marketing !


Cloud Savvy has a vast array of marketing tools to get your message out to potential customers and clients.

While most marketing companies just focus on Facebook and Google Ads we have a wider net of options which include targeting subscribers of a vast array of online services and magazines like Men’s health, Rolling Stones, Woman’s Health etc. across multiple platforms.

Our plans are simple and easy to understand. We offer complete Ad creation and targeting which includes reports as well as tagging.

Cloud Savvy employs some of the best designers in the field and work side by side with the Ad engineers to ensure the ad meets the target goals.


Working with your needs and budget is what it’s all about !

Our Advantage

Cost Effective & Successful

Get more for less. With industry leading tools and years of broad experiencce, we deliver success at a fraction of the costs.

Month to Month Versus Annual

We don’t push you to long term contracts. Month-to-month approaches offers more flexibility and are more goal oriented.

Tailored Campaigns

We pride ourselves on becoming invested in your success. We custom tailor each campaign to your individual needs.

Analytics that make sense

We have tools which help us zero in on success

Keywords Matter

Find out what keywords work and which keywords your competitors are using.


Reports that pinpoint which posts were most popular for you as well as your competitors

Platform Specific Help

Get tips on platform specific posting. What time should you post based on your target audience, how many words should you use, what type of post do they like ?





How We Work

Research & Analytics

We begin each campaign with a detailed analysis of your website and social behavior to allow for informed decisions on your marketing goals.

Marketing Strategy and Design

We develop a marketing strategy to help connect you to potential customers and engages them to reach your goals.

Central Marketing and Branding

Creating a single unified brand and messaging across all your social media platforms.

Content Creation & Production

We design and build content YOUR customers want.  Over the course of the campaign we adjust and build onto what works for your brand.

Beyond traditional social platforms, Cloud Savvy has hundreds of partners ranging from premium websites such as Billboard, Forbes, GQ, RollingStone, Pitchfork, and TechCrunch as well as audio ads for platforms such as Spotify and iHeart Radio.

Contact Us

Every ad campaign is different. We design and price the solution out based on your needs and budget. Contact us for pricing. We offer services which include building the ads, providing targeting and analytics as well as complete social management for many popular platforms such as Facebook, X, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Yelp, Google Maps, Bing, Yahoo Ads, Amazon PPC and more.

Companies & People We Have Worked With

"We have used their managed services for over 2 years... It has been a great ride with Cloud Savvy."


Pam Daniele
A.F. Evans

"While selling an enterprise software solution Cloud Savvy was a great resource for those organizations that did not want to manage their own servers. Cloud Savvy was always very competitive, easy to work with, and worked with the client to make the price point work for everyone."

Robert Means


"What impressed me the most was the way Cloud Savvy handled the implementation of the project; more specifically, the collaboration with the software company (Stromberg / Kronos) and the project management methodology followed by Cloud Savvy."

Gabriela Fracas

UFA Co-Operative Limited, Monarch Inc.