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Network Security Audit

Is your network really secure ? Has your network been running slow ?

Cloud Savvy can provide a complete network assessment and audit for your LAN and WAN.

Assessment and Audit includes:

  • Network scan
  • Port scanning
  • Malware scanning
  • Antivirus help
  • Firewall testing
  • Network throughput
  • Wifi Penetration testing
  • Protocol breakdown within your network
  • High cost node determination

Cloud Savvy will break down whats running in your network, any potential culprits regarding performance as well as outline any security concerns.

With our vast knowledge and experience regarding networking systems we are ideally suited to test out your environment.

Companies & People We Have Worked With

"We have used their managed services for over 2 years... It has been a great ride with Cloud Savvy."


Pam Daniele
A.F. Evans

"While selling an enterprise software solution Cloud Savvy was a great resource for those organizations that did not want to manage their own servers. Cloud Savvy was always very competitive, easy to work with, and worked with the client to make the price point work for everyone."

Robert Means


"What impressed me the most was the way Cloud Savvy handled the implementation of the project; more specifically, the collaboration with the software company (Stromberg / Kronos) and the project management methodology followed by Cloud Savvy."

Gabriela Fracas

UFA Co-Operative Limited, Monarch Inc.